Inazuma Eleven

Hi, enjoy this secret webpage. I had made it on the first prototype of my homepage, and although I planned to delete it, I decided to give it a second use. Is this more of a sub-shrine or a subsection of my Interests page? I have no idea.

(I originally planned to make this page to be more developed explaining in detail what the franchise is about, but like... I can't. It's what too complicated to me, specially how big in story is actually is as a whole. If you are interested on learning more about Inazuma and it's enormous fanbase, I'll leave here the link to the Fandom Page (Sorry) and the Fanlore Page.

I plan to update this page better and be more responsive in the future, but for now, have this.

Anyways... I love Inazuma Eleven. It's a silly soccer anime with superpowers and wack stuff, but it's just way too much of a comfort franchsie for me. I adore how actually inmense it is as a world; like if it already has a HUGE main cast, the amount of minor characters/teams is even bigger. I love going across the wiki pages, fan art websites or just browsing social media, and always find and fall in love with an interesting character everytime.

One of my biggest gripes with the series however is that unfortunately not all characters are treated equally, and some are more developed than others. I remember being perhaps way too salty about this topic back on my early years into the fanbase, but honestly... I eventually came to accept it. Unfortunately Inazuma is WAY too big of a series, and not everyone will be given enough love from either the creators and sometimes the fandom itself. What can you do about it, then? Well... In my case, I enjoy giving them a story myself.

I'm aware that people have different opinions on fabricated settings and that not always will be supportive of it, but I personaly find it as a fun writing experiment. It makes me re-search more about some topics and context about anyone I develop, it makes me think and re-think again ideas for their personalities and behaviour; and being honest, giving each minor character I love a little life story and a family to care about just makes me soft. I still have no idea to this day how to share these headcanons, I occassionally do it on Twitter but I'm not always convinced. Regardless of that, if you ever wanna talk about it, feel free to in any of my previously mentioned accounts!

My favorite teams + a few characters

Senbayama's team emblem SENBAYAMA

The OG team for me, without a dobut. Senbayama is a very important team and overall special interest to me, given it was the first one to gain that denomination. In context, I was still trying to accept being diagnosed with ASD, and both IE and SBY helped me to comprehend what it was about and how it affected my behaviour and the way I consume things.

It was pretty much the team I started to hyperfixiate on every single member - of course, some characters were given more stuff than others, but I honestly just love them all.

Unfortunately it wasn't without flaws, as soon I realized how poorly treated by both the fanbase and creators this team was. Most of the content I made about them was mainly to be able to inspire a change, but I don't think I've done much impact in the long run. Eventually I had to accept that sadly that's how things are, but at least I still can always return to these characters and feel instant comfort.

My favorites will always be Ayano Yuuichi, Yamane You and Chihiro Fuji.

SP Fixers' team emblem SP FIXERS

I've always liked SP Fixers a lot, they were a team with a pretty neat concept but I've never paid many attention to them. That was until 2020, in the middle of the Pandemic and some burn-out with Inazuma after the mess of the latest duology. My brain thought about this team for a while, went to search stuff with them... And then got obsessed with them for a few months. It was a fun time, although lonely since I didn't have anyone to share to, and I was starting to feel disconnected from the Inazuma fandom. So it didn't had much to sustain itself, and by 2021 it pretty much faded away.

I still love SP Fixers nonetheless, and I still believe they are a pretty underrated team, mainly from the concept that it is mostly composed by adults in a pretty interesting position; yet still able to play football somehow. Being an adult in Inazuma's world is a pretty underexplored concept, and I enjoy using these characters as a way to do it; not to mention them having a pretty diverse age range than being stuck on Junior High school years gives off to way more interesting scenarios. When it comes to favorites, Hayate Hayato is always the number one for me.

The headcanons and stuff I've made with them still remains there; I just have no idea how to share it.

Big Waves' team emblem BIG WAVES

Being kind of honest, my feelings towards this team are way more bittersweet than with the other two. But nonetheless I've had a huge hyperfixation with this team, for better or for worse.

I've gotten myself attached to many of its members, perhaps a bigger amount than both SBY and SP combined. However there were many pitfalls on liking them, one example being the fact that I have to learn an entire new english accent and absorb information about an entirely new country to make stuff for their headcanons. It isn't much of an issue actually, but all this years I have been used on making stories happen in Japan or in very reduced locations.

Nonetheless, stuff isn't that bad. Technically if it wasn't because of this team, the driving force that led me to create this homepage would never have started. Not to mention I deeply love its characters despite everything. Shine Beach, Quincy Horst, Jean Baker, Bruce Marlin... I love digging deeper into these aussies' appearances (Or lack there-of) and discover always something new.

I think that's all I have to say about Inazuma for now. I'll eventually try to link the shrines I'll be doing here if things go well. Thank you for reading!

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