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A webshrine dedicated to my current Inazuma Eleven obsession.

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So... Do I like them?

Shine Beach
Shoutout to Shine Beach. The OG for me.

I'll start confessing that my feelings for Big Waves as a team have always been mixed ever since I got into Inazuma Eleven. There were some characters I was interested in, yes, but the team as a whole really didn't matter to me. And it didn't help that there were also some character designs I wasn't that fond of. (Plus, add the fact that in context I was a person very obssesed with *that* topic in particular, so seeing a whole team composed of "regular dudes who just like to surf" repelled me off). Looking back, I have stumbled upon many fanarts of characters/pairings that I considered "fine enough", but overall I've never expected to hyperfixate with them.

So, in that case... What led me to change my mind so fast? Well, there's a reason, although, a bit embarassing. Basically, what led me into Big Waves was nothing but... A pairing. Yeah. Two characters and the romantic relationship they could have. All just by seeing a fan art that caught my attention. And while at first I was interested only on the two lovebirds, soon curiosity (And a bit of nostalgia for some older faves) started to arise, I decided to search more and more...

And I officially fell into Down Under.

The whole team at training
Posting this image again, since while it wasn't the first BW pic I saw, it was the first one when my fascination with the team started.

There's a lot of things I could say about Big Waves as an hyperfixiation. How completely different it was from my Senbayama and SP Fixers phases, how it led to me to constantly study the entire culture/history of a country that wasn't Japan, how it made me try (And fail) to understand the Australian accent and slang, etc. But despite this, things weren't bad at all. In fact, these past months things within this hyperfixation have been going better than before, specially after opening up more to others.

I do compltely understand anyone who does not like this team at all, however, specially after analyzing their atitude in all the installments of the franchise. And hell, I do believe them losing was 100% deserved. However, despite everything, I just... Can't hate this team at all. There's just something about it that just captivates me, somehow. First off, really, really LOVE their whole oceanic motif. I'm a huge marine biology nerd since little, and this team's the perfect outlet for me to combine two special interests of mine in one. Also the fact that their main hissatsu is inspired off the beautiful Great Barrier Reef... I love that.

Great Barrier Reef in Inazuma Eleven animeGreat Barrier Reef in real life
Fiction vs Reality.

Second, while I still believe their designs are a bit bland and/or simple, I don't think that's really a bad thing at all. The design philosophy on BW (And overall the FFI designs) is simply different than in the first two parts of the original trilogy; opting to design more normal characters but also trying to make them fit within a country's culture. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but I think with BW is fine enough. Many of the desings I didn't like ended up growing on me eventually as I developed their characters, and I even ended up falling in love with others I never saw/paid attention to before. Overall, win-win.

Also I believe them not being nice people is part of the appeal personally. Sometimes it's fun to support the cocky characters, and see how they are forced to become better people after their downfall. Plus all of them give me so many chaotic vibes despite their "perfect" exterior, so just screwing around with them is just as fun, too-

Tl;dr, it wasn't easy to hyperfixate on them, and there are some things that could have been done better. But at least these guys inspired me to give one last try to get into fandom spaces once again, so here's that I guess. They are honestly very fun to create content around overall, and I'm glad they were the driving force that led me to properly understand coding just to craft this little website for them.

Jacarandas on Sydney
Credits: @tiantianbella on IG

Also random note but. Just so y'know. I'm not Australian at all LMFAO. But I've been always interested on the country and I'm genuinely happy have found a way to learn more about it while also tying it to my Special Interests. So far I've had fun researching about the country and creating my headcanons about it, but I still feel like there's a lot to learn yet, specially when it comes to language and the local culture. I promise to do my best!

Plus as somebody who lives in a Southern Hemisphere country, you have NO idea how satisfying is to finally have a special interest whose setting doesn't have the seasons all inverted. It's beautiful and it makes me enjoy even more Spring and Summer than I already do. It's also really cute to find so many curious similarities between my country and Australia, even if a whole ocean puts us apart...

Also, random comment, but I find adorable how Aussies also appreciate jacarandas, a local tree species that matters a lot to me. Solidarity...

As a small bonus for this page, here's a so-called "character ranking" of BW that came to be thanks to messing around with an Inazuma Eleven character sorter. The order was set by my picks, but I wouldn't call it accurate 100%. Nonetheless, I'll deposit it here and write my opinions in the matter of each character.

You can consider this as a brief bite of the Meet the Players section if you haven't readed it yet/aren't interested of. But nonetheless for any in-depth opinions you might be interested in, please check out those pages instead.

Position Character Name Summarized Thoughts
1 Quincy Horst My favorite!!! My baby!! He caught my heart thanks to a fanart and he never left it at all.
2 Bruce Marlin Most of my love is out of pity, poor thing went by so bad stuff both in canon... And my own fanon LOL
3 Shine Beach My first favorite out of BW!! No matter how the tides change, I'll always love Shine.
4 Jean Baker I actually disliked him at first due to his design, but unironically developing his backstory and everything made me get attached to him.
5 Robert Cliser ...
6 Matt Angle ...Dunno why is he that above, whoops. But I like him anyway. He is one of the worst BW players personality wise (IMO) but he's just... Silly. I like that.
7 Reef Hamilton I actually have mixed feelings with this character. But his design is pretty, honestly, and his connection to the sea is fairly cute.
8 Clive Scissors My second favorite out of BW... He seems like a fun guy.
9 Daniel Barrack I'm a bit dissappointed that the japanese BW fans pretty much glossed over him, despite having as equal participation as characters like Joe and Holly...
11 David Waterman An underrated cutie! Too bad he hangs out with so many bad actors... (Nice, Sully, Matt)
12 Clark Kane Another underrated cutie. Any lover of the aussie wildlife gains my respect.
13 Holly Summers ...I'll confess, I'd put him lower if that were me. He's not bad and I like his santa job, but I don't care much about him yet. I do like the dynamic he could have with his teammates, however.
14 Nice Dolphin He has a nice design, but his personality is just not that good... Kinda of. His dynamic with Tsunami is super interesting to me...
15 Carmay Kohlar Nooooo! He deserves to go above... I think he's adorable. He's possibly the only 'First Nation' character out of the team...?
16 Surf Winters He's a bit creepy looking... Not bad, but a bit odd...
17 Sully Princeton I don't hate him at all! But I don't trust him. His short stature is cute, however.
Dancing Koala