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A webshrine dedicated to my current Inazuma Eleven obsession.

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Meet the Players!

Get ready for the heaviest page and most non-responsive section of this website (Sorry mobile users).

If you are interested on learning more about any of the players present there, click their name! You'll be redirected to a page just all about 'em (*). You can also use the two buttons below to play around with their names in other languages! (Tho, all info pages will be on English only)

Have fun exploring! Perhaps you'll learn something new...

(*) Unfortunately, at the moment I'm publishing this website, I'm not able to work on the character pages. I planned instead to link to each character's respective Fandom Wiki page, but honestly... I'd rather not do that. Though, not all players here lead to a Dead End...

(I recommend to touch one button at the time, things will get weird if else)