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A webshrine dedicated to my current Inazuma Eleven obsession.

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Nice Sprite CODING

  • W3Schools: The man, the legend. THE coding website. My number one source of help and guide when it comes to learning HTML and CSS.
  • HTMLDog's tutorials: Also very useful for me on understanding how HTML works mostly.
  • Visual Studio Code: The program I've used to craft this website from scratch! Useful, quick and easy to understand and use, and always comes in handy with its many shortcuts.
  • sdgrl's flexbox tutorial: Literally the most useful thing I've ever seen. Due to issues I could never understand fully how flexbox worked, and this guide helped me see the light. If it wasn't for it, I would have never made true the player field! So if you struggle the same way, please check it out.

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I'll confess, but many of the graphics I've used here come from ALL kinds of sources! I fear I might not be able to remember them all. But nonetheless, I'll try to link the ones I used, regardless if they are in Neocities or not.

So, thanks to...

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Bon's Graphic CollectionThe Rainbow LockerFairy TrashJules' NeoHome

(NC Users without banners)

Outside Sources:

Specific Credits

Quincy Sprite


  • The Inazuma Eleven Wiki is my main source of information. It is also there where I got the sprites and team logo.
  • Inazuma Eleven videogame footage was taken from the following channels:TaleofTheToaster and RanguGamer.
  • Thanks to Emi-San for providing manga pictures.
  • Special thanks to Esteban Kito for providing anime footage.
  • The hissatsu footage all belongs to León Patzelt's Youtube Channel.
  • Thanks to Vera9 on Tumblr for scanning the postcards from the Ina11 movie credits.
  • The IE3 End Artwork was found at Spriter's Resource and it was ripped by RedBlueYellow.

Joe Sprite

Also, this isn't really BW related perse, but I'd like to give a slight feature to this page I found while searching for gifs:Southern Cross Cafe, a little graphics website centered about Oz, of course, but also of some other misc stuff. It is quite tedious to navigate due to it being pretty much archived (Aka, EXTREMELY SLOW), but there's something off this page that just feels... Comforting to me. I haven't used much of their graphics yet, but I think they are simple and really cute.

A graphic of a house.

Overall there isn't much to this, it's just a very cute webpage that I wanted to recommend here. It's content caters to extremely specific things, but if you enjoy browsing old websites like me, you might enjoy this a lot too. Keep in mind this page was made with the now defunct Geocities, so it's impossible to find a non-archived version.