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A webshrine dedicated to my current Inazuma Eleven obsession.

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All the Big Waves' players!

'Big Waves' is a football team from the fantasy sports franchise Inazuma Eleven, being the australian representatives on the Football International Tournament. Being part of the Asian Qualifiers, they are pretty much the first rival team of the third season/game, and also the first international team to star in a match. Their team captain is Nice Dolphin, handsome looking yet cocky jock whose atitudes and actions lead to him always causing tension with the Inazuma Japan players; but specially with the okinawan Tsunami Josuke, the player most associated with these rivals due to his importance on defeating them.

The name gives it already, but the team's main theme revolves around the ocean. Inspired by Australia's beautiful beaches and the surfer culture formed around them, these players claim in many occassions to have used the sea as a way of strengthening their skills and/or Hissatsu ("Killer") techniques/tactics. Because of the strict following of an oceanic motif, most members of this team are usually named upon various animals from Australian seas; this goes as far as even hiding some puns on the original japanese writing of these names. There are some exceptions to this rule, but they instead have names associated with the overall surfer scenario: The summer, the water, the beaches, and so on.

I've always liked this team for the many curious things I keep finding about them, but it has been always hard for me to properly express my thoughts on blogs or tweets. So, inspired by the many beautiful shrines hosted on Neocities, I've decided to dedicate my first huge web design project to them. This is a constant work in progress, so expect constant updates and even possible reworkings of many parts of this site. But if you are still interested on what this shrine offers, then please make yourself at home!

G'day and welcome!!!Dancing Koala

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First off, none of the characters shown here belong to me. This site's purpose is just to talk about something I like. All the images used here from Inazuma Eleven (Anime/Game/Manga screenshots) are only for ilustrative purposes and nothing else.

I plan to add in the future my personal "Headcanons" for the BW characters (Aka fabrications such as back-stories or settings); but none of these should be taken as part of the official canon, like the many interpretations I might leave across this website.

Overall, please proceed with caution. I hope you can have fun!

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  • 13/01/23 ~ 15/01/23 - Gradual releases of Home, Credits, etc.
  • 22/01/23 - First Announcement of this site to the public - I hope it goes okay...
  • Finish Kamase and BW Galaxy's page.
  • Finish the first character pages to be published.
  • Update the credits section.
  • ...Maybe find a better background.
  • I had the idea of setting up a guestbook, but I think I'll discard it for now. Maybe later, but it's not my priority.