Holly Summers

Hi. You could consider this page as a placeholder, pretty much. It was made VERY quick before a trip I had, hence why it's very simple. My plan was to work it out a bit more after I returned home, but I'm focused on the other main pages at the moment. In the meantime, enjoy this VERY important informaton.

So. This boy over here is named Holly Summers, both in the original japanese version and in the dubbed versions (Incredible).

Holly Summer's sprite

His nickname overall is Summer, one that of course has no relation to oceanic wildlife, making him enter on the "No animal motif club", in which he at least isn't alone.

However, recently, I've made an horrifying discovery. While browsing the French Inazuma Eleven wiki, I noticed that while the BW players' names were kept just as they were for the Dub... Their nicknames changed to fit better the local language. And out of all those changes, Holly was the most... Bizarre.

Technically as far as I know, the french word for summer is l'été, so it technically should be Holly's nickname. However let's all be honest, l'été just... Doesn't work as a nickname both in-game and outside. Imagine talking to a french Inazuma fan and he suddenly says "My favorite BW player is L'été!". A way to have solved this is to use the surname instead, but... It wouldn't fit with the other motifs. This is why the french dub apparently decided to nickname Holly as... Espadon.

But... What IS an Espadon?

Well, after searching in dictionaries such as Lacrosse and Wiktionary... Turns out Espadon is the french word for... swordfish.

So, it means that technically, Holly's animal motif is a swordfish.

An Extremely Festive Animal. (Image from Wikitionary)

...I don't know what to feel about this. I've always wanted to assign an animal for Holly, but a swordfish!? It feels so out of place, and it doesn't help that there is technically somebody already named after a Marlin in the team. So like... Now there's two billfish on BW... I mean yes, I'm aware there are actually two characters based off sharks in BW already (Jinbei and Jaws), but like... At least they fit well. But for Holly.. A swordfish doesn't convince me yet... He doesn't even have a 'cut' move like Bruce Marlin WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT-

Maybe on the future I can get used to it, but for now I'm concerned.

Spongebob pondering about life

(Also yes, I'm aware that just one change for a certain country doesn't make this motif be 'canon', but it the CLOSEST thing we have to a canon motif, so...)

With that out of the way, thank you for reading. Here's the exit if you want to leave.

Btw funfact but french Wiktionary mentions that Espadon is also used to refer to Homosexuals. Really. Although it mentions it is an obsolete term and that it needs references, so take that with a grain of salt. Do whatever you want with this information I just felt like putting it here.