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26/12/22 - Merry (late) Christmas! Mburucuya's homepage is released to the public. Expect more things to come sooner than ever.

22/01/23 - Release of Big Waves shrine V1. Main page, Plot (Manga/Anime/Videogame), Team Overview, Personal Opinion, Credits. 2 WIP character pages.


  • Make a 'Bookmarks' list.
  • Add a guestbook!!!
  • Maybe add a blog too?
  • Recently found a Layout Maker, I'm curious on using a "main" one for my blog. But I'll see.


Most of the images used in the making of this site can be found at the website Gifcities by using the appropiate keywords (Parrot, jungle, rainforest, etc). Now, for more specific credits...

Only image not from Gifcities was found at Betty's Graphics

Outside font Sailor Fancy Larry is hosted at Fontcity. Locally hosted font Vintage was found in Scripted's page. (100% recommended visit for anyone building a website)

Thanks to W3Schools for making this site be possible.

File Hosting on this site is thanks to Catbox.

The blue/green background image belongs to Hekate's Background Archive. And the parrot background belongs to Emma's BGs (Banner below):

Emma's Banner